J. Michael Jarrell
Chief Executive Officer

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Mike is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Development Corporation. Mike’s present attention is focused on the Paramount’s growth and strategy execution. Mike is also Chairman and CEO of The White Oak Group, LLC, which is a diversified natural resource company with investments in timber property, hardwood lumber manufacturing, minerals development, sand mining, and commercial real estate.

Prior to pursuing his own business opportunities, Mike was employed in various capacities at Quintana Petroleum Corporation and Utah International, Inc., a former wholly-owned subsidiary of General Electric Company. His tenure at GE included various positions of increasing responsibility as part of GE’s fast tract management development program, including project engineering, operations, management marketing and business development management.

Mike earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from West Virginia University and supplemented his education with graduate studies in engineering at WVU, studies in mineral economics at Colorado School of Mines, as well as numerous GE corporate management development programs.

In his spare time, Mike is very involved with family activities and various community groups including serving on the Board of Trustees of Lifepoint’s Raleigh General Hospital.